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Stomatology Faculty

The Stomatology faculty of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education has started its ‎activities ‎since establishment of this institute in 2015 and admits new students through entrance ‎exam for ‎spring and summer learning sessions every year.‎

The Stomatology faculty has been established to train academic and professional cadres in order to provide the following objectives

  • Active participation teaching the fundamentals of medical sciences and stomatology faculty, teaching scientific and practical techniques, import educational materials and implement the professional and clinical usage of dental materials in clinic.
  • Provide and introduction of essential materials in dental clinics for students.

C-    Professional and practical training on Dental simulation lab before the beginning workat clinics for further protecting of the patient and to enhance professional and educational qualifications of the students.

  • Provide and introduction of basic tools for the promotion of basic and professional operations.
  • Introduce of technology and adaptation of new technology in teaching clinicto students and through them in the medical system of the country.
  • Teach and controlling the patient's emergency situations during treatment in the dental clinic and community as a whole.
  • Educate students based on the spirit of faith, devotion and patriotism in order to enhance the level of social ethics and the quality of medical services specifically for deserving people of Afghanistan and the world as a whole.


General introduction

Stomatology faculty of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education teaches theoretical and Practical lessons in 12 semesters. Students receive the 18th pass or master's degree after completing the courses of study

The curriculum is in accordance with national and international standards, and after every three years will be revised if necessary.


Under the direct guidance of its leadership the Stomatology faculty of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education has trusted on youth. These young cadres are working hard to provide the best teaching to dear students by using the latest technology of the day up to date information and reliable scientific resources.

Classrooms are equipped with day technology, silent learning environment, professional teachers with the latest information, the first and most advanced dental simulation lab, dedicated and hard-working administrative employee are the facilities of this institution.

Teachers' degree is PHD, Master and Bachelor.


Development plans

1-Stablish specialized programs at the Teaching Hospital

2- Conducting PHD programs in partnership with Pakistan, Iran, Germany

3- Establishment of a research center at the Institute.

Our Address

Sarsabzi Square, Kabul

Tell : +93 (0) 775458169 & +93 (0) 730709409